Development for WWE 2k18 has already begun

2k has special plans for the next WWE game

The next big WWE video game, WWE 2k18 is set to release in the fall of 2017. The release date has not been officially confirmed but we have a close prediction for WWE 2k18 Release Date. Anyways, it has been confirmed that development for the game has already begun.

WWE 2k18 Official Logo

WWE 2k18 Official Logo

2k Sports are collaborating with the WWE from the beginning to get the development accurate and efficient. It turns out that 2k has special plans for the next WWE game as they are taking public polls into account for new features and ideas for the game. They are even consulting with the individual superstars so that their personality and traits matches with their character in the game.

Apart from that, they are planning to introduce new models and ideas. We can expect to see more than enough new ideas in WWE 2k18 that is going to persuade us to buy the next game. 2k will announce their first official news about the game later in 2017 and you can trust us to deliver them to you.

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