WWE 2k18 Cover Stars – 5 Superstars that could be the next face of 2k18

WWE 2k18 is just around the corner which has raised a ton of questions about the biggest wrestling game of 2017.


Today we list all the contenders for WWE 2k18 Cover Stars and look at how likely they are to be considered by the developers 2k as the next face of WWE 2k18.

WWE 2k18 releasing this September is expected to surpass it’s predictor as there are going to be new stars who are making a comeback in the video game series.


Bret Hart

Just like Goldberg was introduced as an unlockable character in WWE 2k17, we might expect the 2k Games to do something similar for WWE 2k18 too. For Bret Hart’s case, though, there are speculations that he might be the new legend to feature in WWE 2k18 Legends but might only be able to play him in the Legends Edition of the game.

A character like Bret who is in the hall of fame could make a different but not unusual appearance that 2k Games follows.  He hasn’t made any appearance since 2010 but he was a great wrestler from the 90’s during the likes of Steve Austin.

Triple H

Triple H currently is known as an authority figure inside the WWE Universe but his true fans know him for more than what we see today. WWE used the Attitude Era to promote tag team events and titles which paid them off really well since they are still quite popular till date. There are a lot of stars that this Era produced but the one that stands out is Triple H with his “The Game” tagline.

The HHH has a large impact on the generation of people who grew up watching wrestling. People are upset that he will be getting out of the wrestling business pretty soon and are appealing to the World Wrestling Corporation to honor his last few months in the WWE Universe.

The other superstar who was born in a similar generation in WWE has been featured in WWE 2k covers including The Rock and Austin. Triple H will have his last Wrestle Mania so it would make sense for WWE to send him off with a big old honor by placing him on the cover of WWE 2k18.

Roman Reigns

There were many of us considered Roman Reigns as the superstar for the future or a short-term superstar in WWE. However, he has proved us and all his critics wrong as he has left a huge impact in today’s WWE Universe. He is the top WWE Superstar with no signs of stopping.

WWE 2k18 Roman Reigns

WWE 2k18 Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns has had done everything in the past years; from winning the Royal Rumble to lifting the WWE Champion title tree times – there are fans who are surprised that he hasn’t been the cover star of WWE games yet.

WWE 2k games were mad over John Cena when he was a booming superstar. They got him to become the main man for everything; from WWE games cover to the ambassador for WWE charities. We believe that WWE is setting up the same kind of royalty for Roman Reigns for upcoming years.

Roman Reigns is here to stay forever and that’s what the fans want. WWE can’t push any superstar in the drain as they can’t risk losing fans. They have to deliver what the fans want and we believe that they also want to see Roman Reigns in WWE 2k18 cover.

Reigns, who is the most popular wrestler for this generation of WWE, will get his place in the cover, if not this time, then sometime in the future.

Kurt Angle

It has been already announced that Kurt Angle will be in the WWE Hall of Fame 2017. It officially makes his first return to the company since he last played back in 2006. This news which has uplifted the WWE Universe has also raised the question if WWE has further plans for Kurt Angle. Maybe an honorable cover appearance for WWE 2k18?

Kurt Angle is considered one of the biggest WWE Superstar with the largest number of fan. There is no uncertainty that all the vintage Kurt Angle fans, as well as the fans who saw him play at the end of the years, will be cheering for the star when he comes back in 2017.

The fourth eight-year-old is set to return to Raw after the WWE main event Wrestle Mania where he will not only address the fans but will also compete in several of the matches before he retires and is memorialized in the hall of fame.

Looking at how well Goldberg was treated in WWE 2k17, there is a high possibility that WWE will order 2k Games to put Kurt Angle in WWE 2k18 Cover Image. We can at least be certain that WWE 2k18 will feature an unlockable character for Angle which is the honor he deserves.

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is one of the longest running WWE professional. We do not know when he is going to retire. There are fans who believe that there is more than one generation of undertaker but the WWE Universe still confirms that it is the same guy.

Undertaker’s career has been a great one despite the 54-year old who needs hip replacement surgery is competing Roman Reigns in upcoming Wrestle Mania. It has been understood that he is awaiting the surgery and is planning to do it when he retires.

That bring us back to the question, when will he retire? We believe that he will retire at the end of this year after hopefully winning the WrestleMania 34. There is a huge chance that 2k Sports and WWE will honor The Undertaker’s career with a cover in WWE 2k18.

There is also a chance that 2k18 will have a WWE 2k18 Limited Edition Undertaker Edition like NBA 2k17 had a Koby Bryant Legends Edition. Either way, it only seems logical to get a place in the cover across all platforms.

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