WWE 2k18 New Features Wishlist

The release of WWE 2k18 is highly anticipated as the game promises to bring a ton of new features.

WWE 2k18 Cover Image?

Another potential WWE 2k18 Cover Image?

Today, we discuss what the WWE Universe wants to see in the next WWE 2k game. In the past, with other games like WWE, 2k has been efficient in hearing what the fans want in their next game. So, don’t forget to leave your wishlist in the comment.

  1. Bring Back Showcase Mode!

This is the biggest wishlist for WWE 2k18 is bringing in WWE Showcase Mode. The 2k Showcase mode gave the gamers the tour around the major events in the history of WWE. It was filled with nostalgia and mystery at the same time which was a fantastic experience for any long-time WWE fan. The absence of the 2k Showcase has been criticized a lot by major gaming forums and personality. This is one of the major reason the ratings for 2k17 went down to 70% from 88% for WWE 2k16. It is a major disappointment.

Bring back the showcase mode and we will forget this ever happened.

  1. Remaster No Mercy

There is a huge fan base who would like to see 2k and AKI Wresting get together to remaster No mercy. The AKI Corporation is now called Syn Sophia and we are confident that they will not pass out on such opportunity to get linked with WWE again. Imagine all the hundreds of moves, deep customizations, the storytelling with today’s graphics and rendering. We want to see the No Mercy game remastered as the Japanese wrestling game which still used AKI Game Engine has no BS gameplay which is what is missing from WWE 2k series.

  1. Immediate Updates

The wrestling world is quick. You never know who is the next WWE champion or if anyone is out injured. 2k Sports should consider updating the game as well as the roster every few days to keep it updated with the real wrestling world. For instance, when the game was released, Dolph Ziggler was the inter- intercontinental champion but the game still said that The Miz was the intercontinental champion. Auto Update will fix errors like this.

  1. Bug Control

The gameplay is better than the last years but there are a ton of bugs. We have been told that 2k are working on them to fix it but the game is rarely played online which means that people don’t update it more often. WWE 2k18 should address all the current bugs and work on fixing glitches and lags.

  1. Improve Graphics

WWW 2k18 will be released in 2017 which is the era of 4k, VR, PS4 Pro and Xbox One S. You can see where we are going with this. The current version of WWE 2k is not as real looking as one would hope for. Looking at FIFA and PES, there is no doubt that face and body rendering can be done in the highest of quality. 2k should think of changing the rendering engine to make the wrestlers and the atmosphere of the game more realistic.

  1. Crowd Interaction

The aim of simulation game should be to make the game as real as it gets. And, one of the most realistic parts of WWE Universe is the interaction with the crowd. The developers should focus on ideas to implement as the game needs to get more real like.

  1. Improve Commentary

This cannot be stressed enough. 2k should work on getting the commentators correct and more entertaining. The NBA 2k17 commentary was mastered this year and 2k should think about WWE 2k for this year.

  1. Bring back Create an entrance

It is not a big of a wishlist and there are not many fans asking for it. But, it is one of the most interesting ones so far. We want the Create an entrance section which was in the 2005 version of WWE. 2k removed the option when they took over the game.

What do you want to see in WWE 2k17? Comment

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