WWE 2k18 Roster: Wrestlers we might not see in WWE 2k18

WWE 2k18 is just around the corner and there might be a ton of players that are going to be added. But, there are more than a few who are not going to be in WWE 2k18 Roster.

WWE 2k18 Roster - Stars we might now see in WWE 2k18

WWE 2k18 Roster – Stars we might now see in WWE 2k18

Today, we talk about the Super Stars who are not going to be in WWE 2k18.

Alberto del Rio

The Mexican wrestler made a huge impact on his debut season in the WWE Universe. He came to fame and won a ton of championship and titles in his years in the WWE. However, we might now see him in WWE 2k18.

Del Rio was suspended for a wellness policy in 2016 and then was fired by WWE before this year. They announced a final report claiming that Alberto is no longer a part of WWE Universe. The WWE superstar won seven world championship with WWE Championship and World Heavy Weight Champions.

Among his best accomplishment, he also won the Royal Rumble and Money in the Bank match to become the one and only pro wrestler to win it in the same year. He was previously also laid out by the WWE in 2014 but was soon returned after a fine. There is a huge fan base who want him to make a comeback and appear in the WWE 2k18 Roster but till now it doesn’t look like he’ll be a part of WWE 2k18.

Booker T

Booker T was a huge wrestler after making his debut in WCW and WWF. He has been a vital part to bring up the WWE Universe and was put up in WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.  After retirement, we might now see Booker T in the next WWE 2k game.

He was voted the favorite World Heavyweight Champ in the lifetime of WWE. He also became the first African American to become a world champion in WWE. It has been almost confirmed that he will not return to WWE 2k18 Roster.

Cody Rhodes (Stardust)

Cody Rhodes has a WWE family meaning he is a son of WWE Hall of Fame Famer Rhodes and half-brother of wrestler Goldust. He goes by the name Stardust in WWE Universe. He is an avid tag team champion. But, it seems like we won’t see him in WWE 2k18 Roster.

After a nine year long journey with the WWE Universe, it was officially announced that the Cody Rhodes has asked for his release in the year 2016. The reason was not revealed to the public. There have been rumors that he had the dispute with the creative department in WWE.

After making his debut, Stardust became two-time Intercontinental Champions and was a record six-time tag team champion. He won three World Tag Team Champions and WWE Tag Team Championship with four different teammates.



Lita made her debut in the WWE universe with WWF and was a major part of Team Xtream with Hardy brothers. She has a successful career and won four WWE Women’s championship in her name. She is also a part of WWE Hall of Fame. We will not be seeing her in WWE 2k18.

Lita retired this year and was confirmed by the company on last December as Jim Ross revealed that she was no longer a WWE pro-wrestler. She has been rehired by the WWE as an analyst. She appeared in WWE 2k17 but since she is not an active WWE wrestler, we may not see her in WWE 2k18 Roster.

This might now come as a surprise to most of the fans in WWE Universe as she only made little too few appearance in the events


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